Sleep Surrounded by a Museum-Curated Gallery in Downtown Seattle

Can the art in a hotel tell a story? We firmly believe it can, and Hotel Theodore exhibits an intriguing collection of Seattle art and artifacts, with each piece celebrating a part of the city’s innovative heritage. Curated through Hotel Theodore’s unique partnership with Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry, the remarkable collection of Seattle artistry and objects explores the city’s historic achievements and pioneering citizenry, from artists and aerospace engineers, to inventors and tech innovators.

Antique Glass Fishing Net Buoys

These antique buoys are coveted finds that wash upon the Washington shore from Japanese fishing boats. While the colors vary, the most popular glass float colors are greens and blues made from recycled sake bottles.

Bertha Knight Landes

A revolutionary leader, Bertha Knight Landes became the first female mayor of any major American city when she took office for Seattle in 1926. She was known for her conviction and strong leadership during a tumultuous time in the city’s history.

Vintage Boeing P18 B Fighter Designs

Boeing is the world's largest aerospace manufacturer, and is known for its pioneering industry advances. Founded in 1916, the company recently celebrated its centennial anniversary, marking 100 years of aircraft innovations, including the Boeing P18B Fighter designs featured in our guestrooms.

Amazon's First Kindle

In 2007, Amazon first raised the question: what if a device could hold 3,000 books at once? Thus, the Kindle was born. Upon release, the electronic reading device sold out in under six hours, and revolutionized the way we read forever.

Artifacts from Seattle's Early Logging History

Before the tech boom of the 1970s to the present, the Boeing boom during the 1940s, or even the Gold Rush in the late 1800s, the lumber industry boom laid the foundation for the city that Seattle is today. Visit our 15th floor for artifacts highlighting Seattle’s early logging history.

Eddie Bauer Skyliner Jacket

In 1940, Eddie Bauer crafted the first quilted, down-insulated jacket, the Skyliner, patented in America out of the need for a lightweight, warm and non-bulky coat for cold-weather recreation.  An early iteration of the Skyliner jacker that put Eddie Bauer’s sportswear on the map is on display on our 15th floor.

Museum of History and Industry

Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry has carefully preserved Seattle’s unique history since 1952. In the process, it’s become the largest private heritage organization in the State of Washington, with its collection of more than four million objects, documents and photographs from the Puget Sound region. Our partnership with the museum means that every corner of the hotel offers insight into the men and women who have shaped our surroundings.

The guestrooms of Hotel Theodore feature photography and patent drawings curated in collaboration with the Museum of History and Industry, hand selected from their collection to highlight Seattle innovators whose ideas revolutionized daily life as we know it.
On the 15th floor of the hotel, custom-built museum cases house important and fascinating artifacts from Seattle’s industrial history; these range from logging saws and chains to fishing net floats, vintage IBM computer punch cards, an Amazon Kindle first edition, engineering and architecture tools from Boeing and early iterations of Eddie Bauer’s down Skyliner jacket.At Hotel Theodore, we’re proud to honor Seattle’s makers, doers and builders who, over the decades, have turned this city into the dynamic cultural hub it is today. 

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