The odore Pets

We love our dogs here in Seattle. From fun dog parks to dog-friendly restaurants, our city is equipped for pet lovers. So bring your best friend with you to our pet-friendly hotel in Seattle and discover the Emerald City together. If you're traveling with your pet, let us know. Our Pet Upgrade package, available for a fee of $30 per night, has everything they need to enjoy themselves. We’ll set up your room with a comfortable pet bed, bowls for food and water and a signature welcome kit. Full of treats and a special toy, it also includes a comprehensive list of local pet resources for everything from grooming to a quick vet visit.

And don’t forget the pets photos! We’ll never pass up a chance to see photos of your favorite fluffballs.

Pet Perfect Package

Introducing our Pet Perfect package, a comprehensive offering designed to cater to your pet's every whim. Complete with a cozy pet bed, food and water bowls, a delightful pet welcome kit, and the added bonus of an inclusive pet fee. Your furry friend's paradise awaits.